Just Flight C-130 Hercules FSX

Just Flight C-130 Hercules FSX 1.0

C-130 FSX is an add-on for MS FSX including E,H,J and Gunship variants
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Just Flight - C-130 FSX 1.0 is an add-on for Microsoft flight Simulator (FSX). The add-on includes E, H J and Gunship variants in 28 authentic liveries. It has hundreds of custom animations. It also includes a huge printed manual and is fully licensed by Lockheed Martin and the Royal Air Force. The add-on has been modeled using the latest software toolkit to ensure full compatibility and make use of the wide range of new features available in FSX. There are 12 Hercules model, including the spectacular JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) Blue Angels show aircraft and the formidable USAF 'Spectre' Gunship. The application also has highly detailed flight deck, cargo cabin and a combat deck on the AC-130 gunship. The Flight Deck and the Cargo Cabin/Combat Deck are connected via a stairwell so you can actually 'walk' between them in FSX. Its exclusive visual effects include Infra-Red Launchers, Engine Starting, Engine Smoke and Fuel Dump. The extensive printed manual includes over 250 pages with comprehensive Just Flight tutorial. The add-on allows the users to experience the ultimate hand flying. It has great exterior details as well as animated features.

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